Gacha Neon

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Gacha Neon, a mobile game created by the company Gacha Mania, is a game that relies on a mechanic that is common in many mobile games. This mechanic is known as the "gacha" system, which consists of a player spending money on a random set of cards in order to receive the desired card. The game is similar to many other games that use the gacha system, as they all involve a player investing money in order to receive the desired card.

Game Process

Gacha Neon is a game that revolves around the player's ability to select cards and use those cards to complete a "gacha." The cards that the player chooses in order to complete the gacha will correspond to their performance in the game. For example, if the player chooses a water card, they will be able to heal themselves while they are playing the game.

When the player begins the game, they will be shown a list of cards that they can choose from. The cards that the player chooses will depend on their needs for the game. The player will be able to view the card's attributes and decide whether or not it is something that they need for the game.

Graphic Design

The graphics of the game are very simplistic. The graphics do not have a lot of detail put into them and are very basic.


Gacha Neon does not have any special features that would make the game replayable. The game is mostly dependent on the player using their money to buy cards that can help them in the game.

Bottom Line

In Gacha Neon, you play as a ghost who lives in a suburban home with a family of five. Your goal is to scare them out of the home by possessing items and scaring family members. A great game for fans of the series.


Pros 👍

  • The player can view the card's attributes before they decide to purchase it
  • The player can decide what they want to do in the game by choosing which cards they want to use
  • The game is quick and easy to play
  • The player can get cards that they would not be able to get in the game otherwise
  • The game has a wide variety of cards that the player can choose from
  • The game is free to play
  • The player can decide how much money they want to spend on the game

Cons 👎

  • The player can spend money to get a card that they already have
  • The player could spend a lot of money on the game
  • The player can only get cards that correspond to their needs for the game
  • The player has to pay more money if they want to continue playing the game
  • The game is highly dependent on luck