Interesting Facts About The Sims That You Should Know

  • 14-08-2022 |
  • Emily Martinez

Sims is one of the most popular video game franchises of all time and have been enjoyed by millions of people around the world. The series has seen several iterations and expansions over the years, and it shows no signs of slowing down. With that in mind, here are some interesting facts about The Sims that you should know.

1. The Sims was originally going to be a much different game.

When The Sims was in development, it was originally intended to be a much more dark and serious game. The working title for the game was "Dollhouse", and it was going to be a lot more focused on Sim relationships and drama. However, the team ultimately decided to go in a different, more light-hearted direction, and The Sims was born.

2. The Sims was almost canceled.

Despite the eventual success of The Sims, it was almost canceled during development. The game was not progressing well, and there were concerns that it would not be able to compete with other big releases at the time. However, the team was able to turn things around and deliver a finished product that was well-received by both critics and players.

3. The Sims has sold over 150 million copies.

Since its initial release in 2000, The Sims franchise has gone on to sell over 150 million copies worldwide. This makes it one of the best-selling video game franchises of all time. The Sims is especially popular in the US, where it has sold over 60 million copies.

4. The Sims has its own language.

The Sims has its own language that is used in-game to communicate with other Sims. The language, called Simlish, is actually a made-up language that was created specifically for The Sims. Simlish consists of gibberish words that are put together to resemble English.

5. There is a real-life SimCity.

SimCity is a popular city-building game that is part of The Sims franchise. What many people don't know is that there is an actual city in the US that was modeled after SimCity. The city, which is located in California, is called Irvine.

6. The Sims has been used for scientific research.

The Sims has actually been used for scientific research on a number of occasions. Studies have been conducted on everything from Sim psychology to artificial intelligence. In one study, Sims were used to research the spread of disease.

7. The Sims has its own movie.

In 2014, The Sims franchise made its big-screen debut with the release of The Sims Movie. The film was a direct-to-video release and was not particularly well-received by critics. However, it did manage to gross over $60 million worldwide.

8. There are over 30 million active Simmers.

Simmers are the name given to people who play The Sims. There are an estimated 30 million active Simmers around the world. This number includes people who play The Sims 4, which is the most recent game in the series.

9. The Sims has won over 200 awards.

The Sims franchise has been very successful over the years, and it has won over 200 awards. This includes awards for best game, best design, and best simulation. The Sims 4 has also been nominated for several awards, including Game of the Year.

10. The Sims is the most popular game on Facebook.

The Sims Social was a social networking game that was released on Facebook in 2011. The game was very popular, and at its peak, it had over 50 million active users. The Sims Social was eventually shut down in 2014, but The Sims remains the most popular game on Facebook.