Empowering AI Landscape: Anthropic Gains a $100M Investment from SK Telecom

  • 15-08-2023 |
  • Daniel Johnson

Anthropic, a fast-rising artificial intelligence startup co-founded by former leaders from OpenAI, has achieved another significant milestone. This time, the startup company secured a whopping $100 million investment from SK Telecom, one of the most imposing mobile carriers in South Korea. This news exemplifies both the growing interest in AI innovations and the continuous expansion of global partnerships in the tech industry.

The recent funding announcement comes on the heels of Anthropic's successful $450 million Series C funding round. This round was led by Spark Capital back in May, with SK Telecom also participating via its venture capital arm, SK Telecom Venture Capital. Anthropic's potential was further acknowledged when Germany-based software company SAP also invested in the startup. This underscores Anthropic's industry clout and its ability to attract high-profile multinationals.

SK Telecom's generous investment not only fuels Anthropic's coffers but also signifies a strategic partnership that will benefit the global telco industry. The collaboration intends to develop a multilingual large language model (LLM) designed to cater to global telco companies. The initiative will be helmed by Jared Kaplan, co-founder, and chief science officer of Anthropic, ensuring impressive customization and a high-value product roadmap.

According to SK Telecom, the collaboration with Anthropic is marked by immense ambition to leverage AI's transformative power for unparalleled service delivery. The Korean telco company is in advanced talks with Global Alliance members to offer the jointly-developed LLM to potential customers. The language model will support languages widely used around the world, including English, Korean, German, Japanese, Arabic, and Spanish, promising a broad market appeal.

All things considered, Anthropic's most recent investment deal with SK Telecom is a milestone that resonates beyond the startup. As the AI ecosystem continues to grow and evolve, strategic collaborations like this create opportunities and value for stakeholders all around the world. Hence, the deal signals an exciting time for the telco industry, global AI development, and, indeed, for Anthropic as it cements its place as a key player in the world of artificial intelligence.