Evercore Heroes: A Unique PvE Twist on the MOBA Genre

  • 11-05-2023 |
  • Daniel Johnson

Imagine a MOBA-style game where the primary focus isn't battling against other players but rather teaming up to defend your base from waves of monsters. That's exactly what Evercore Heroes, developed by Vela Games, offers. Derived from the creative minds of former Riot and Blizzard developers, this unique PvE game is set to enter closed beta on June 20 before transitioning into a free-to-play format by the end of the year.

Evercore Heroes breaks away from traditional MOBA gameplay, opting for a team-based competitive action experience. Players must traverse the map with their chosen heroes, leveling up their abilities and preparing to fend off hordes of monster attacks against their base. This innovative approach presents an exciting new challenge for those seeking something different from the usual player-vs-player combat found in similar games.

To take part in the closed beta testing of Evercore Heroes, players need to purchase one of the three founder's packs available on the game's official website. Each pack comes with a range of exclusive benefits and in-game items, ensuring that early supporters receive a unique and rewarding experience during the testing phase. Here's what to know about participating in the closed beta:

Choose a Founder’s Pack: Players must decide which of the three founder's packs – Founder ($20), Legend ($50), or Evercore Hero ($80) – best suits their preferences and budget. Each pack comes with an exclusive battle pass, instant hero unlocks, a spare beta key for a friend, and various skins and cosmetics that enhance the gaming experience.

Purchase Process: After selecting their desired founder’s pack, players should follow the necessary steps on the Evercore Heroes site to complete their purchase. This may involve creating an account with Vela Games, providing payment information, and agreeing to any terms and conditions associated with participating in the closed beta.

The roster of playable heroes is inspired by characters from both Riot and Blizzard games, bringing a familiar feel to those who have enjoyed titles such as League of Legends or Overwatch. Each hero possesses unique abilities that can be strategically utilized as players work together to strengthen their defenses and protect their base from relentless enemy onslaughts.

Over the past year, Evercore Heroes has been tested by numerous players who have provided valuable feedback for refining its gameplay mechanics and overall experience. The upcoming closed beta will allow even more gamers to dive into this genre-bending adventure and help shape its final form before it fully launches as a free-to-play title.

In conclusion, Evercore Heroes presents an intriguing twist on traditional MOBA games by shifting its focus towards cooperative PvE gameplay. With influences drawn from some of the most successful developers in the industry, Vela Games' innovative title is sure to make waves when it enters closed beta next month. Keep an eye out for this unique gaming experience as it prepares for its full launch later this year.