Get Ready for an Epic Darkest Dungeon Adventure with the New Black Reliquary Mod

  • 15-03-2023 |
  • Daniel Johnson

For Darkest Dungeon fans, the wait is nearly over. Red Hook, the original developers, has given a thumbs-up to the upcoming Black Reliquary mod, a total conversion mod with sweeping gameplay changes, new characters, new narration, new music, enemies, trinkets, and heroes. The new story follows a band of heroes as they venture into the dreaded Black Reliquary. It's time for a daring quest into a monolithic structure in a desolate desert known only as The Valley.

The Black Reliquary mod is an ambitious undertaking, and its makers are no strangers to Darkest Dungeon modding. The developers of this mod have dedicated themselves to creating a fully-fledged sequel, and players can expect a ton of new content. There is entirely new art and design, with a host of new characters, enemies, and trinkets. The narration and musical score have been overhauled, and the level of detail lavished on the mod is impressive. 

The mod makers have released both a story-driven and extended gameplay trailer, and they have even got a Steam page for their mod, which is a great honor since mods of this scale are rarely given such recognition outside of those for older games. Accompanying the mod is a narrator who captures the gravelly narration Darkest Dungeon is known for. 

The Black Reliquary mod is free to download for owners of Darkest Dungeon, the Shieldbreaker DLC, and the Crimson Court DLC via Steam. It also has a Patreon page for those who wish to support the custom art that goes into this amazing project. Players can follow the mod's progress on Twitter too.

Overall, the Black Reliquary mod is an ambitious project, and the developers have done an amazing job with it. It is packed with new content and features, and players can take part in a captivating new story as they explore the Black Reliquary in The Valley. The mod is available on Steam and is free for all players of Darkest Dungeon who own the Shieldbreaker DLC and the Crimson Court DLC. Follow this amazing project on Twitter and Patreon, and get ready for an epic adventure into the unknown.