Gmail Adds Package Tracking Abilities Right Before the Shopping Season

  • 07-11-2022 |
  • Daniel Johnson

Google never ceases to add new features to Gmail: they come unnoticed and become irreplaceable. One of such updates is about to arrive by the shopping season, and it will be extremely helpful if you track your online purchases via email. With this new feature, you will be able to track your packages by tracking numbers that are detected automatically.

As a result, you won’t have to open the email body to check the status of your delivery, let alone copying the track number and checking it via a third-party website. Instead, it will be enough to take a look at the header of the email, no matter if you scan through all your inbox or through search results. On the mail list, the information will be shown right under the sender’s name and accompanied by a small green label. A glance will do to read the essentials of the message.

The delivery process is about changing. The seller prepares the package as the order is placed. The package is sent. The package arrives in your town and gets fetched by the local delivery service. Then, it’s delivered to your door or to where you want to grab it. With international shipments, there are also borders and customs, which form separate stages of the delivery. And Google will notify you about all these adventures in the message right at the email that contains the tracking number.

The feature will be available both in mobile apps and the web version of Gmail. The appearance in both cases will be similar, so will the color. All the versions of Gmail will also show you the extended version of the summary above the body of the email that contains the tracking number. It will show the detailed timeline and the current order status, so if you need to keep an eye on it, you won’t need any third-party services.

Given that you receive emails as you make orders, even if you use the merchant’s website or mobile app, it’s hard to overrate this feature if you’re an active shopper. Are you? Have you already made purchases for the holidays, so you now wait for the delivery? Do you find the idea by Gmail useful? Tell us your opinion in the comments!