Google Implements Many Useful Features in Its Services

  • 23-11-2022 |
  • Emily Martinez

Google during the Search On event, which took place back in September of this year, announced a lot of new features. On November 17, the company in its blog talked about those that we can already use. The changes are rolling out in Maps, Shopping and Search.

Using Live View, users will now be able to use augmented reality to find cafes, shops and parks in Los Angeles, New York, London, Paris, Tokyo and San Francisco. Click on the camera icon in the search bar on your phone to see hints that will show you the direction of various places not only nearby, but also outside your field of vision. Electric vehicle owners can now also easily find the right charging station and even filter places by plug type. The Accessible places feature has been expanded around the world to make it easier for people with disabilities to find available wheelchair spaces, restrooms and parking spaces.

In Google search, users can now find a dish in the restaurant closest to them, as well as ingredients, cost and other additional information. To do this, search for 'Ukrainian borscht near me' and in the results you will see a selection of restaurants in your area that have this dish on their menu. The multi-search feature will also allow you to identify a dish whose name you do not know, and then find it in restaurants. In the Google app, use Lens, take a photo or screenshot of a dish, and add 'near me'. The company also plans to update Lens AR Translate this year, which will make it easier to translate text against complex backgrounds.

In Shopping, the company is implementing several useful features that use AR. You will be able to more easily match the foundation by choosing a model that will have similar facial features, skin color and age. There are currently 148 photos of models in the Google photo library. The company also offers to view shoes from brands such as VANS, Saucony and Merrell up close and from all sides. 

Which of the above features do you find the most useful?