Twitter Blue Users Can Now Upload 60-minute Videos

  • 27-12-2022 |
  • Emily Martinez

Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world, and it has been growing at a rapid rate ever since its inception. With over 330 million active users, Twitter has become an influential platform for content creators to share their work with the world. However, Twitter had long been limited when it came to video uploads, with only 10-minute videos being allowed at 1080p resolution and a file size limit of 512MB when uploading from iOS or Android. Fortunately, things have changed recently as Twitter Blue subscribers can now upload 60-minute videos from the web at 1080p resolution and 2GB in file size.

Twitter Blue was introduced back in 2021 as a subscription service that would allow users to access exclusive features on the platform, such as customizable themes and emojis. But perhaps its most useful feature was allowing subscribers to upload longer videos than non-subscribers could do before. 

This update comes after Elon Musk took over Twitter earlier this year and promised that he would make changes to make the platform more appealing for video creators by increasing video length limits for Twitter Blue subscribers. 

The new update allows these subscribers to upload 60-minute long videos from web browsers with 1080p resolution quality without any restrictions on file sizes up to 2GB which makes it much easier for content creators working within tight deadlines or shooting longer projects like documentaries or movies. 

The recent update made by Twitter shows us how powerful social media platforms have become over time and how they are evolving quickly into something much more than what we used today back then, even just a few years ago. It's great news both for professional content creators looking forward to monetizing their work and also for casual users who just want to express themselves freely through artistic mediums like short films, audio recordings, podcasts, etc.