WhatsApp Call Links Launching Large-Scale

  • 24-10-2022 |
  • Daniel Johnson

How do you like the idea of creating a direct call link on WhatsApp and sending them to your potential contacts? Wouldn't this possibility speed enhance your video conferencing experience on WhatsApp? It sure would. And this feature is currently coming live on the popular instant messaging platform. That’s definitely good news. Keep reading for more details. 

WhatsApp is forthright about its goals and professional when it comes to the steps it takes to achieve them. The pros behind the platform aren't fond of stuffing the service with bloatware. They only keep laser-like focus and bring to life on the most useful and up-to-date tools.

This time, the devs behind the app are launching a cool feature dubbed Call Links. By making the most of it, you’ll effortlessly organize and operate your in-app calls. The feature comes with exceptional speed, ease of use, and security. No doubt, it elevates WhatsApp’s video conferencing capabilities to a brand new level, which is definitely something absolutely necessary on today’s post-pandemic tech scene.

Test-drive this recently rolled out feature to see for yourself how significantly it improves your video conferencing experience. Currently, Call Links is supported on mobile only. The desktop iteration will become available very soon. The WhatsApp team is currently launching Call Links to a wider audience.

To start using the feature, go to your Calls tab and generate an invite call link. As you progress through this, don’t forget to choose the best-suiting call type (audio or video), as well as forward the newly created link to the required contacts either via WhatsApp or by using an alternative application. Absolutely, it’s as easy as it reads. 

Potentially, Call Links is WhatsApp’s important step in the video conferencing direction. In the context of today, the company will need a lot more steps in this direction in order to reach true success in terms of this particular destination. Let’s wait and see what the future holds for WhatsApps video conferencing endeavors. So, have you already tried the new Call Links tool? How do you like it? Share your thoughts in the comments below. Your opinion means a lot to us.