WhatsApp Web Beta Tests Edit Message Feature for Limited Time Window

  • 09-05-2023 |
  • Emily Martinez

WhatsApp has started testing a new feature that enables users to edit sent text messages within a short time frame on the latest beta version of its Web app. The Meta-owned messaging platform had been previously seen developing a pop-up alert to inform users when a message was edited. This new functionality has now been rolled out to select beta testers, allowing them to modify text messages shortly after sending them.

The latest version, 2.2319.9 of WhatsApp Web, introduces this feature, as reported by WhatsApp feature tracker WABetaInfo. Users operating this version of the WhatsApp Web client will find a new action, Edit the message, on the right-click menu. This allows users to make changes to sent text messages within a limited time window before editing becomes disabled.

Currently, the edit message feature is only available for text messages and not other content types such as images or videos. It is also worth noting that both the sender and recipient must be using the latest beta version of WhatsApp Web for this feature to work correctly.

The introduction of this feature could potentially save users from awkward situations caused by sending incorrect or unintended messages. It also brings WhatsApp in line with other messaging platforms, like Telegram, that already offer similar edit message functionalities.

As with any beta testing, there is no guarantee that this feature will make it into the final release of the app. However, given its potential usefulness and demand from users, it is likely that WhatsApp will work towards refining and eventually rolling out the edit message option in future updates for both its Web and mobile clients.