Clubhouse is a drop-in audio chat platform that allows for a quick and easy way to communicate with other users. Clubhouse is a social audio app that has been designed for users to meet and talk about any issue. You can now download Clubhouse on your Android or iOS device.


Clubhouse's interface is clean and easy to navigate. There are two main components to the interface: the search bar and the chat window. When you enter the app, you are given a list of the different chats that are open and available to you. You can also speak into the mic and say “Open chat”. The open chat will show up and say who is present.


Clubhouse is a real-time community and a messaging app. It is not just a platform for sharing text or videos. It is a place for real-time conversations. The app was designed to give people the chance to connect in a way that’s less about broadcasting yourself and expressing your opinion and more about connecting with people you’d like to get to know – or people you’d like to hear from.


It is a platform for people to come together and have conversations on a wide range of topics. Users can participate in existing conversations or create their own discussion on a topic of their interest. Users can also create their own rooms and invite their friends to join the conversation.


Clubhouse is a “social audio app” (as opposed to social media) that is changing the way we come together. It allows for more freedom and creativity than other social media apps. Clubhouse is a platform that allows users to have a more genuine experience. It is a place where people can come together and have real conversations.

Pros 👍

  • The app is focused on conversations and not social media
  • It’s an app that’s not only gaining popularity but also has a really deep community
  • It gives you a chance to chat with strangers

Cons 👎

  • Some people can be very annoying
  • No ability to save content or have text conversations