Fruit Ninja®

Published & copyrighted by Halfbrick Studios

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Fruit Ninja is a game on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod where the player has to slice fruit. The player has to slice the fruit in order to get a high score. The player can also get special bonuses when they slice a bomb, and the player can get a time bonus when they slice a clock.


The player has to slice as many fruits as they can in 30 seconds. The player can slice bombs and clocks for extra points. The player can also use the touch screen swipes to make a ninja sword.


The graphics are really good, and the colors are really bright. The interface is really simple.


This game is really fun and addictive, and it can provide a good time for a few minutes.


This is a fun game to play, but get bored after a while.

Pros 👍

  • Good graphics
  • Easy interface
  • Fun gameplay
  • Good time passer
  • Good for killing time
  • Easy to play
  • Free

Cons 👎

  • Limited in replayability
  • Limited to one player
  • Limited in gameplay
  • Boring after a while
  • Gets boring after a while